This site is dedicated to all the spooks who are no longer with us.
We miss you all, and will scare a few victims for you!!!

R.I.P. Friends
William M. "Bill" Steen
November 6, 1931 - April 10, 2007

Bill was our VIP Gatekeeper and was loved by all.
Our founding father's founding father.
Bill, you will be missed.
Chuck Merideth
November 24, 1985 - July 3, 2003

Chuck Merideth passed away July 3, 2003 at the age of seventeen due to complications from his diabetes. Chuck had so much fun at the house where he terrorized victims for the past two years. He will be greatly missed by the cast members of Terror In The Woods forever. The family would like you to keep him in your thoughts as you go through the house this year, and always.
Paul E. Mooney
November 19, 1978 - May 3, 2002

Paul Mooney passed away May 3, 2002 in a motorcycle accident at the age of twenty-three. He enjoyed spooking you as much as you enjoy walking through. He will be with us always and will be greatly missed. So when you smell the faint smell of gasoline, then hear the rumbling of the chainsaw, you know Paul is there. He will forever be a part of Terror In The Woods.