Terror At Skellington Manor

As you may have heard, this year we will be opening a new house of Terror at the haunted Skellington Manor in Rock Island, IL

Please visit our site for information and don't forget to sign up for the forums.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Terror in the Woods will be closed until further notice. The Scott County attorney has shut us down due to zoning issues. We regret any inconvenience and/or disappointment we have caused our loyal customers.
Thanks to everyone who signed the petition.
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The frequent disappearance of locals is often blamed on the mysterious Wapsipinicon River. Hushed whispers of old timers tell tales of the legendary “Wapsi Willie”. Sightings of this mythical menace have been reported along the Wapsi River Bottoms every October

Surviving thrill seekers, searching for proof, describe what they have witnessed as the most terrifying experience of their lives.
Are you ready to confront your worst fears?

Experience 42 acres of pure HORROR on the Wapsi River Bottoms.

"Be afraid- be very afraid... for this Is the edge of Darkness - the Point of No Return"


Terror at Skellington Manor will be hosting open acting auditions for those dedicated individuals who have an extreme passion and creative talent for scaring the yell out of people! We need passionate and creative individuals to join our haunt improv team. Volunteer positions with profit sharing opportunities are available to those who can commit to working every operating night during the season. For our 2009 season calendar, visit: www.terroratskellingtonmanor.com The cast at Terror have lots of fun, but it?s not for everyone! Haunted House acting is hard work both in preparation for your role and throughout the season. It is also, extremely rewarding and fun! OPEN AUDITIONS will take place on Wednesday, August 19th and Thursday, August 20th 6pm ? 9pm and Saturday, August 22 1pm to 4pm. You must be 16 or older to apply. Applicants ages 16 ? 18 will need parental consent to participate. If you cannot make it to an audition please email: terror@skellingtonmanor.com or call 563-344-9187 .
-Fright Queen

2009-05-11: Progress is coming along at Skellington Manor. Looking forward to creeping the place up for the 2009 Halloween Season. Hope to see all of you Terror in the Woods fans this year. Stay tuned. Please to go to www.terroratskellingtonmanor.com and join our forum. BloodFeast is in the process of building one cool Terror at Skellington Manor website for us! We will be posting haunt moving pics very soon. -Fright Queen

2008-12-06: This holiday season please "Pay it Forward" and remember those in need! There are numerous opportunities to give of yourself, not only with money and gifts but also the gift of time. See what you can do to make a difference! -Fright Queen

2008-11-27: We are giving "Thanks" everyday for people like you!! Hope everyone has a safe and blessed Holiday season!! -Fright Queen

Thanks for your support! We look forward to Scaring the "YELL" out of you in 2009 at our brand new location. Stay tuned to this site for more exciting info.
-Fright Queen


-Fright Queen

Art Gallery paintings done by Timberwolf Productions.

Be sure to check out Hauntworld.com to find a scare near you!!!


Background music by: Midnight Syndicate.


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